Preamble :

The following general conditions of sale govern all transactions established on the web catalogue of OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS, Any order placed on this Website assumes the customer’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.

Purpose of the Contract :

This contract is a remote contract whose purpose is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of the products of the company ATLAS CORPORATION STUDIO, on the Internet, via the platform-Simple Booking form. OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS a service and trademark of ATLAS CORPORATION STUDIO.

Terms & conditions of reservation :

This online booking technology is offered by Simple Booking.

By completing your online booking, Simple Booking agrees to provide you, the Customer, with the technological means to book accommodation, as described in this Booking Procedure. Simple Booking agrees to allow you, the Customer, to use this technology and complete your reservation subject to the following terms and conditions.


If you, as the customer, book accommodation with the Accomodation Service Provider, as defined below, the signed contract is then strictly confidential between you, the Client, and the Accomodation Service Provider, in accordance with the general conditions of the latter. It is your responsibility, the Client, to comply with the general conditions of the said Hosting Service Provider.

As soon as the Booking Procedure has been completed, Simple Booking shall, as soon as possible, forward your reservation to the accomodation provider (hereinafter “the Accomodation Provider”).

In the event that the Customer books the accomodation via Simple Booking technology and the Accomodation Provider does not follow up, refuses or forgets to provide the Customer with the booked accomodation, Simple Booking could not be held liable under any circumstances. By following this Booking Procedure, the Customer agrees to waive any claim against Simple Booking for losses and damages arising from the failure of the Accomodation Service Provider to offer the booked accommodation ; if the accommodation offered is unsuitable or does not correspond to the description ; or finally for all losses and damages (including costs) incurred during the Customer’s stay.

To secure your reservation with the Accomodation Service Provider, you, the Customer must provide information such as name, address, fixed or mobile phone number, email etc. You agree to provide this information to the Accomodation Service Provider in order to secure your reservation.

In order to confirm its reservation to the Accomodation Service Provider, the Client will enter the code of a valid credit card, of which he will be the legal holder. If a Security Deposit and booking fees are requested to confirm the reservation, these amounts will be charged to the credit card at the time of booking and will not be refundable.

The Client shall pay the Accomodation Service Provider the full amount of the accommodation costs indicated, upon arrival at the accommodation location, and all additional costs or requirements due by the Client to the Accomodation Service Provider. If a Security Deposit has been paid at the time of booking, the Customer will pay the balance of the specified accommodation costs. All fees will be paid in the local currency of the hotel as indicated in the Reservation Procedure. The exchange rates shown are based on current rates and are subject to change.

It is the Client’s sole responsibility to inform the Accomodation Service Provider of any new requests or changes, including a change in arrival time or cancellation.

If sufficient funds are not available via the Customer’s credit card to make a proposed reservation, this reservation will be declared null and void. The same provision applies if the Customer’s credit card has exceeded the expiry date.

Simple Booking makes every effort to ensure that the information presented to the Customer and contained in the Booking Procedure is accurate and up-to-date. Simple Booking, its employees or agents cannot be held liable in the event of modification or change by the Accomodation Service Provider of the information presented in the booking procedure.

If an exchange voucher is used as a full or partial payment during the Reservation, the Additional General Conditions communicated to the beneficiary of the exchange voucher concerning the use of such voucher shall apply.

Duration :

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply throughout the period of the online delivery of services by OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS on the Site.

OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily or permanently close the Website or online reservation space.

Rates :

The prices displayed on the site are indicated in Moroccan dirham excluding tax, and are valid at the time of their consultation by the customer and are those in force at the time of the order. Taxes are payable on arrival (1.65 Euro per person per night). Prices below the standard rates are sometimes available on our website for certain dates. However, these special rates may be subject to specific conditions and restrictions, in particular as regards cancellation and refund conditions. Please carefully consult the room descriptions and rates for these conditions before making your reservation.

Method of Payment :

To pay your order, you choose the payment method from those offered by « OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS » on the payment page. In this case, the remittance of the debit transaction from your account is made within one day of the date of the delivery confirmation. Your multi-channel payments are secured by the CMI Interbank Electronic Payment Centre, which offers a fully secure payment service.

Confidentiality of data :

The information requested from the customer is necessary for the processing of his order, and for the sending of information on the products and services of the OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS. They will be communicated to OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS, its entities and the online payment provider. In the absence of information, the OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS cannot register a reservation.

The customer’s personal data protection policy can be found in the “Confidentiality Policy” section.

The customer is informed that the said Policy is drawn up in compliance with the provisions of law 09-08 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, in force in Morocco.

The customer has the right to object, free of charge, that the data concerning him are not used for prospecting purposes, in particular commercial by respecting the conditions required in this kind of case by law 09-08 sus -visited and by sending a clear and explicit writing to

You can also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of your data.

This processing has been declared to the CNDP under the number …………

The customer is informed that all of his personal data collected will be subject to automated processing for the purpose of the reservations he makes whose controller is OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS. The processing of this data will allow OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS to manage reservations for the hotel rooms well.

Proof of transactions paid by bank card :

The data recorded by Simple Booking on the Multi-channel payment is a proof of all commercial transactions between you and «Simple Booking» company.

Force majeure :

OSCAR HOTEL BY ATLAS STUDIOS is bound to fulfil its obligations only to the extent that no event of force majeure hinders them.

Applicable Law :

All clauses contained in these General Conditions of Sale, as well as all sales transactions referred to therein, will be subject to Moroccan law.

In the event of any dispute between the parties, the Court of First Instance of Ouarzazate in the Kingdom of Morocco shall remain solely competent.