To be your destination, a place needs to be your dream first. We’ve let everyday reality fall away in order to unveil to you the timeless heart of cinema: secret horizons, an infinite variety of pathways, symbols and materials.

Every corner of the Oscar Hotel by Atlas Studios tells the story of a movie, a producer, an actor or celebrity who has spent time in our establishment and made a movie at Atlas Studios.

Every breeze whispers about a life or a destiny, and brings a sense of infinity to our ephemeral days.

Every day here can unfold with a breakfast enjoyed in the world of the great directors, a stroll in the lovers’ garden, lunch at pool’s edge, drinks in our nomads’ tent, and dinner under the starry skies, with each meal curated from the vast library of flavors our gardens offer. Cap the night off by watching one of the films that brought views of our southern landscapes to the world.

The cinema makes memories, it’s time to make yours.